Monday, December 30, 2013

Floor Rug

Earlier this year I purchased a roll of t-shirt yarn from Spotlight. There was only 1 roll left and it was white and $5.00.  I had to buy it. It then sat in my craft room until Boxing Day when I decided to make a rug for Megan's floor.

I tried making up a pattern as I went, but it ended up looking frilly, so I pulled it apart and rerolled the ball and started over, this time following a pattern from Dandelion Day. I managed to finish the whole project in roughly 3 hours. So I am over the moon at completing another project.

Now comes the hard part. Miss Indecisive wants to ombré dye it.

Bye for now

Saturday, December 28, 2013


Ten random facts about me -

1. I love Christmas and struggle a lot with the changes having older children bring.

2. I read every single day.  I have been known to read with a torch whilst camping in the days before Kindles.

3. I love baking and my shiny red mixer.

4. I am a technology geek.  I love my iPad.

5. My great aunt taught me to crochet when I was 13, but my passion for crocheting has only returned recently as I thought it was a daggy hobby.

6. I love the colour of my walls so much that this is the second home we have painted this colour.

7. I didn't finish school, so I will do anything g humanly possible to make sure my children do.

8. I have been living with my husband Len for 30 years!

9. My children are my world.

10. One day I would like to go to Europe.

Bye for now,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Things I have learnt

Lately I have been doing a bit of soul searching and here are a few things I am learning -

1 - Anti depressants are not a miracle cure for depression

2 - I am an introvert and that is ok

3 - Not everyone needs to like everyone

4 - I am far too dependent on my daughter

5 - Marriage  is hard work

6 - Making friends when you are older is hard work

Is anyone else on a steep learning curve too?